Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Give me wings to fly

Top: unknown (similar style at Yesstyle) Shoes: N.Y.L.A. Necklace: got on a trip to Hong Kong Ring: urban outfitters
 Fashion Tip: When you wear these over-sized loose tops, it's always better to wear a tank top underneath to avoid unintentional flashes of your bra and it'll help keep you warm. 

 As you can tell with my recent outfits that I am a little toooooo into over-sized tops with dolman sleeves. They are super comfortable to wear and yes... they are very functional in hiding your elastic stomach during those holiday dinners. =X...oh boy. LOL
Towards the end of last year.. I was really firm about not dying my hair for a while but for some reason I just can not keep that mentality. I am a lot happier with brown/ ash blonde hair. hMmm.. Maybe blondes do have more fun?


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