Friday, August 5, 2011

Random Facts About Me...

I can't believe I have not done something like this before to introduce myself to you all. It is finally time to show you my quirky personality through some random facts ^_^

This was inspired by Winnie's blog ^_^
The awards rules are: 
1. Link back and thank the person who tagged you.
2. Post seven things about yourself and answer the list of favorite questions. 
3. Pass these awards to 15 bloggers.

4. Notify the lucky bloggers who got these awards.

7 Random Facts About Me
1) I really like doing outdoor sports and soaking up some sun but I really dislike bugs and creepy crawly things and they tend to be everywhere!.. X_X

2) I have a really bad case of Wind-Burn. WTF is that you ask... Its when your skin gets really red, itchy, and irritated when the wind hits it too hard (that's why i can't walk swiftly or run outdoors) ...*this is absolutely legit even though hardly anyone believes me.

3) I am ambidextrous so I can write with both hands... it came in handy when I had to take notes in class and one hand gets tired, I just switch over and use the other one.

4) I love love love the airport. I think the main reason is that I associate airports with adventure and excitement... and I also love the feeling of an airplane taking off. It feels like  your heart sinks a bit but then its like its floating in air too.

5) I really do not like traditional weddings... the whole church and banquet thing...probably because both are so routine and over done. I would much rather enjoy getting married while traveling to an exotic and beautiful country to wed. Love is about celebration! That being said... I would still want my traditional white wedding gown. LOL

6) I love animals, I have always grown up with family pets: dogs, turtles, fishes...NO CATS. lol so I can't imagine life without them. Especially dogs, they are such intelligent and caring animals.

7) I actually get sleepy from drinking coffee but I have to drink it every morning at work or else I'll feel like something is missing. The favorite part about coffee is the aroma! I am also a super big fan of Coffee milk tea (鴛鴦)...this is something I ALWAYS order when I go to HK cafes. 

My Favorite Questions!

Name your favorite colors: Black, White, Pink, Neon Green
Name your favorite song:  classic jacky cheung songs
Name your favorite dessert: Tiramisu
What pisses you off: People that talk down and talk behind others back. This world lacks genuine and sincere people. 
When you're upset you: Very Quiet...I am the type that never stops talking.. unless I am upset. 
Your favorite pet: My Shihtzu! 
Black or white: Both
Your biggest fear: Giving up. 
Best feature: Eyes

Everyday attitude: Embrace what you already have and stay optimist when the world around you seems gloomy
What is perfection: When everything falls into place... when all the planets align in your favor. 
Guilty pleasure: Being lazy around the some drama while munching on some junk food. 

OPEN to ALL but... I wanna tag the following amazing bloggers ...


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