Sunday, March 25, 2012

Silky Locks w/ Paul Mitchell Hair Straightener

Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth 125 1.25" Ionic Hair Straightening Iron

I don't know how I have survived all these years without using Paul Mitchell's hair straightener. I have always used different Revlon models but they all probably damaged my hair more than anything. My first encounter with this Paul Mitchell Hair Straighter was at the hair salon. I've never heard of this particular model but I loved what it did to my hair; made it super silky without drying it out from the heat. My hair stylist told me that this model is actually not available for sale to consumers since it was made especially for hair salon professionals. Luckily, my begging and pleading worked and my hair stylist helped me purchase this from her supplier. Since then, I have never parted with this baby. This is honestly the BEST hair straightener I have ever used in my life. This straightener is so effective it only takes me about 5min to fix my hair in the morning because I don't need to keep going over the same strand over and over again.

Features & Benefits:
  • Express Ion Complex is fused to the plates to speed straightening and help protect against damage
  • Solid ceramic heaters provide even distribution
  • 1 inch cushion plates
  • Beveled edges ensure no line of demarcation
  • Slim plate design allows for straightening close to the scalp
  • Variable temperature setting - 240 - 400F
  • Energy efficient, using 75 watts of electricity. 110v to be used in Canada/US 
  • 9-foot swivel cord
Price of this ranges from $100-$130USD. 
Since this is not sold in stores (that I know of), you can purchase this on Amazon or Ebay.

My hair is naturally straight but because of my layered haircut, it is usually a bit wavy if I don't straighten it. My hair is actually very damaged and dry from hair dyes. Here you will see the before and after. 

BEFORE: Hair is air dried but you can obviously see how dry it is and a bit rough looking

AFTER: Hair is completely smooth and silky... and also no more fly-aways! 

Another after, here you can see that this straightener can also provides volume.

What is your favorite Hair Straightener? Is your life incomplete without it... just like me!? HAHA 


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

TIRAMISU with a twist

Today I introduce you to my favorite dessert of ALL TIME---TIRAMISU! I looooove tiramisu with every cell in my body because nothing tastes better than the perfect combination of coffee, rum, lady fingers, and mascarpone cheese!  Might I also add that this sweet treat is even more special now because Mr. RAW made this for me for Valentine's day last month *blusH*. Okay let's not make you guys puke, I've gotta give some credit to him for this recipe. Here it is!

8 eggs
cocoa powder
coffee (fresh brewed 1 cup)
lady fingers (8 sticks per layer)
Mascarpone cheese (2 oz)
strawberries (optional)
sugar (1 cup)

1. separate the egg yolk from the egg white
2.EGG YOLK: add half a cup of sugar and beat it and mix well
3. Add Mascarpone cheese to the bowl and mix well

4. EGG WHITE: Beat the egg whites with an electronic mixer to ensure "fluffiness"
5. add the remaining sugar into the egg whites and mix well

6. add the egg white mix with the egg yolk mix

7. Pour a cup of fresh brewed coffee into a bowl and let it cool for about 20 min.
8. add about 2 shots (or at your discretion) of Rum into the coffee

9. slightly dip the lady fingers into the coffee+rum bowl before placing in container
10. place lady fingers into the container until you fill it up (layer 1)
11. pour a the mascarpone+egg mix to cover the lady fingers (layer 2)
12. You may add slices of strawberries here or any other fruit (optional layer 3)

13. sift a layer of cocoa powder on top (layer 4)
14. add slices of strawberries on top (optional layer 5)
15. Repeat step 10 (layer 6)
16. Repeat step 11 (layer 7)
17. Repeat step 13 (layer 8)
18. repeat step 14 (layer 9)
19. Place it in the freezer over night (or if you are too anxious, 5hrs will do)


This tastes particularly good with a glass of white riesling or dessert wine! 

Do you guys have any other versions of tiramisu or other sweet treats?! I would love to learn and try them out. 


Sunday, March 4, 2012

At one with Nature, Muir Woods Adventure

One of my New Year resolutions of 2012 is to live a healthier lifestyle by eating healthier and working out more often. I really hate doing repetitive workouts like running or any cardio machines because my attention span is about as long as a gold fish's memory (hmm actually... 3 seconds would be pushing it a bit). Therefore, I've started going to the gym, not to use their equipment, but to do group workouts like Yoga, UJam, and Zumba. On the weekends, Mr. Raw and I have started to break a sweat in not so traditional gym settings by taking hiking trips.

Last weekend, we took a trip to Muir Woods and did about a 5.5mile hike for 3 1/2 hours. If you guys watched the movie Planet of the Apes, you'll know where I am talking about. For those of you who didn't, Muir Woods is located North of the Golden Gate Bridge in Mill Valley. It has a handful of trails of different distances but it is also famous for their Redwoods and breathtaking sceneries.  Entrance fee is about $7 per person and guided tours are available as well but for those who are just there for a great hike and photography then I suggest taking a map and follow the trails on your own. 

This might be a little photo heavy but I want to show you all how beautiful this place is. 

WARNING: Parking is disastrous after 10am as the number of tourists have exploded since Planet of the Apes. If you don't get there before noon, you'll be forced to pre-hike 1 mile to even get to the entrance of the parking lot. Plus, to actually ENJOY nature you should consider being the first wave of hikers or else you will be subjected to peoples' chattering instead of birds' chirping. 

Do you guys have a great place to hike or be with nature? I would love to explore more places! 


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